How it all began...

Katy Webster Homeware was born out of a combination of my love of home interiors, desire to work creatively and, in all honesty, a need to find employment. After a verrry long time out of the workplace whilst living overseas and having kids I was struggling to find anyone willing to even consider me for a 'proper job' when we returned to the UK in 2017.

June 2019

I was shopping for a new table runner but couldn’t find any I liked either online or in the shops. It struck me that, in theory, it would be easy enough to buy fabric I liked and make one myself. There was just one problem... I didn't own a sewing machine and hadn't used one since my Home Economics days at secondary school. To justify the cost of a sewing machine I figured I could make some cushions and a few other home accessories. Over the next few months I used YouTube to teach myself the basics and practiced as much as I could.

I have since made well over 4,000 sales on Etsy and have received over 600 5 Star reviews. Despite this, each and every item is sewn as if it's my first. I'm a perfectionist and will reject anything I don't consider to be of excellent quality. 

Thanks for stopping by, this new website is the next chapter in the Katy Webster Homeware story! I hope you find something that catches your eye. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Katy x